The Healing Benefits of Netra Basti

This years long and dry Indian Summer in Los Angeles has been extremely aggravating for the Pitta and Vata dosha's. The addition of wildfires and toxic air quality has made my eyes red, inflamed, and watering. Ayurveda is all about creating balance with opposites. My eyes needed cooling and hydrating to oppose the hot and dry climate. One easy Ayurvedic solution for this is to use castor oil eye drops to draw out Pitta. I had been using the castor oil drops for 1 week and I noticed an alleviation of my symptoms but I was still experiencing some irritation. 
The best and most nourishing eye treatment for symptoms like these would be the Netra Basti.  A dough dam is built up around the eye and warm medicated ghee is poured in. The ghee is retained in the dough dam at a specific temperature for a set amount of time. Once the ghee is removed, the eye is massaged along the marma points. 
I decided that it was time I receive a Netra Basti treatment to help soothe my irritated eyes. The last time I received this treatment was back in 2013 while I was in Ayurveda school. I forgot just how amazing it feels! If you have a hard time opening your eyes under water, it may be a bit scary to initially open your eye in the ghee, but once you do it will be extremely soothing. After the treatment my eyes felt so cool and nourished for the first time in weeks. When I woke up the next morning my eyes were clearer, brighter, and no longer watering. Finally, some much needed relief. 
 I noticed how much this treatment is needed during this time to balance the dosha's, so I decided to start offering Netra Basti as a stand-alone treatment at our spa. If your eyes are feeling irritated, dry, red, watery, painful, or swollen, then this could be a helpful option to bring you relief.
Book a Netra Basti at Poppy and Someday here.


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