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“In my early sixties, I realized how important it was to look after not only my general health but skin health as well - hell, that’s what everyone sees! I happily discovered the wonderful ‘Poppy and Someday’ line of body oils and facial products to keep my skin looking healthy and vibrant. I was also fortunate to meet Kari Jansen who lived not far from me in her Laurel Canyon abode - the canyon having always been a memorable part of my life. Kari is the heart and soul of Poppy and Someday. She has always made me feel her handcrafted products were tailor-made for me, though I know others have enjoyed them for years.  There are a thousand and one body care lines out there, but Poppy and Someday is not only a cut above the others because of the personal commitment Kari puts into them, but they also feel as natural, organic, and as comforting as my grandmother’s homemade apple pies.  Nothing compares!” - Corbin Bernsen, Actor and Film Director

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