Osha • Amalaki • Elderberry Honey
Osha • Amalaki • Elderberry Honey

Osha • Amalaki • Elderberry Honey

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This honey is Bear Medicine.  The natives would observe the bears and took notice to the plants they ingested especially after hibernation.  The main herbs were Osha Root and Elderberry.  Osha Root is one of the most potent herbs to support the respiratory system.  It is amazing to help clear your body from viruses, colds and flus.  Amalaki is an Ayurvedic herb used to strengthen the immune system and remove excess heat from the body.  Elderberry is great to support your whole body, build immunity and antimicrobial and antiviral.  These herbs combined in raw organic honey create a powerful health supporting ally. Mix into anything you’d like sweetened or eat it alone to bolster immunity.  

Since Osha is a sacred herb, and in danger of being over harvested, I only use osha that was ethically wild harvested with ceremony, respect, and on land with permission to harvest. 


INGREDIENTS: Osha Root, Amalaki, Elderberry, Honey

9oz Glass Bottle

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