Sacral Chakra Meditation


Aligning Your Energy Matrix: Sacral Chakra

The ritual tools which can benefit your journey is a black tourmaline crystal, an anointing oil of Neroli, Blood Orange, Patchouli Oil, brew a tea of Damiana, Birch, Cinn, California Poppy and a myrrh resin incense with a charcoal to burn it with. This 15 minute guided meditation incorporates all of the four elements within the ritual tools to help take you deeper into your body and support, restore and nourish your chakras. This meditation is also layered with sound healing vibrations, instruments & mantras that are associated with the Sacral Chakra to assist further healing. The Sacral governs your sexual centers.  When your Sacral Chakra is activated you can expect to feel a creative passion for life.

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