Root Charka Meditation 

A journey into aligning your rainbow energy matrix... The Chakras.  This is a guided meditation that focuses on the 7 energy vortexes of your body.  Each chakra is paired with a crystal, Anointing oil, Tea and incense.  You will  receive herbs and crystals that pair, balance and restore each chakra.  We begin with the first chakra.. The Root.  This 22 min guided meditation incorporates all the four magical elemental tools that will help take you deeper into your body to help support, restore and nourish your chakras. The Root is your foundation, roots and governs your basic needs.  This meditation has sound healing vibrations, instruments & mantras that are associated with this Chakra. Join this lovely journey as we enter into your Root Chakra to increase compassion, structure and sense of grounding.  You can support this with Ritual Tools

Black Tourmaline crystal

Anointing oil of Sandalwood & Cedarwood

Tea of Schisandra berries & Licorice Root 

Dragon’s Blood incense resin with Charcoal 

Guided meditation of the Root Chakra < 22 mins > 

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