Understanding the Ayurvedic Elements

The 5 Elements are the foundation to our world. They embody everything. Ayurveda recognizes them as the infrastructure or groundwork to existence. 

Ether | Air | Fire | Water | Earth

Each element serves a unique purpose, and each element is found in every being and in everything that exists. Ayurveda is the practice of observing the balance of these elements within the human body.

- We nourish ourselves from the Earth and it's matter gives us substance.

- Water is our sacred, life sustaining nectar.

- Fire is represented as the radiant energy received from the sun and the transformations caused by chemical reactions.

- Prana is our life-giving force, our breath. We need the element of Air to feed our cells with oxygen.

- Ether provides the container where each of these elements has the space to interact or play.

We all come into this life with a unique ratio of each of these elements. Ayurveda is all about finding balance and returning your body to its most authentic state. When we take our health into our own hands, it is our responsibility to turn inwards and listen to what our bodies are trying to communicate. Set an intention to listen more closely the subtleties inside your body. What is it trying to tell you?

Ask yourself...What elements do I recognize in my body? How do I feel right now? If your answer is that you have low energy or that you feel stagnant, try to bring in some lightness and movement to your body. If you answered that you feel sensitive, soft, or emotional, then try to cultivate heat or energy into your life. If you're feeling light and spacey, ground yourself into the earth with your bare feet in soil. If you feel angry or inflamed, then try to cool and nourish your body. 

This is how Ayurveda works. Use your intuition to assess a disposition and then do the opposite to find balance. Utilize these earthly elements to bring peace and homeostasis to your life.


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