Summer Herbal Oil Infusion

Summer is blooming.  Take advantage of Gaia’s abundance.  Take a walk bare foot.  Look & connect to what is growing around you.  Plants love to get our attention & grow near us when we need their medicine.  I have Passionflowers & Thyme in abundance so I going to make this infusion.  Gather your herbal allies and honor them with sacred tobacco or compost in return.  Wash & dry your plants in the sun.  Get a large mason jar.  Add your fresh herbs.  I going add a Citrine crystal for solar Leo energy.  Then fill with Olive oil.  Leave room at the top of your jar.  When the sun starts to infuse it will collect water (condensation) at the top of your jar.  Wipe it out daily so no water if left in your oil.  Allow to infuse in the solar rays for 2 weeks or a full lunar cycle.  When done and no more water formations on your inside lid then you can strain.  Get a cloth and squeeze out the oil.  Then label.  Date and name of your sacred summer herbal infusion. Make a variety of blends.  Pitta blend with anti inflammatory herbs like lavender, chamomile, rose.  Kapha blend with Rosemary, White Sage.  Vata blend with comfrey, St John’s Wort and Lemon Balm. 


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