Beltane Flower Essence

Beltane is the Gaelic May Day festival. It is the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.  Time to celebrate new beginning,  fertility, passion, abundance, wisdom, and magic.  Gaia is in full bloom. This is a perfect time to get outside and connect with the flowers and fairies. 

Make your Beltane Flower Essence 

Gather your tools for making a flower essence on Beltane.  You need a small bowl, spring water, scissors, mason jar, brandy and strainer. 


Connect to your flower.  It can be any flower that draws you in or captures your attention.  Walk bare foot and feel the grounding earth energy and clear your thoughts.  Be in a meditative state.  Sit with your flower and feel her energy.  Pay attention to any messages you may receive and ask permission to make medicine.  Then you can place your bowl near this magical plant.  Make sure the spot you choose will receive sunlight for 3-4 hours.  If you plant is in the shade you can move your bowl to a sunny area.  Then add your spring water and fill the bowl.  Use scissors to sweetly cut near the blossoms and place face up in the spring water.  Cover the top of your bowls with as many flowers as you can.  Then let the magic happen.  

Then after you let your flower essence infuse in the sun or moonlight.  It is ready to become your mother essence.  Strain the flower from the water with a strainer.  Then add 50/50 ratio of your essence and alcohol of your choice. I like using brandy.  Label with the date, flower, and any info you want to add.  You have a preserved mother essence. Now you make a stock essence by adding 10 drops of the mother essence to a 60 mL bottle filled with 50:50 spring water and brandy.  To make your dosage bottle, add one drop of essence from the stock bottle to 15 mL bottle filled with 50:50 water and brandy.  Label and use water colors and be creative.  

Happy Beltane;) Fill your house with cut flowers, make a flower crown and run naked through your garden and embody the maiden magic of Beltane. 



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