Soundbath + Reiki Treatment for Two
Soundbath + Reiki Treatment for Two
Soundbath + Reiki Treatment for Two
Soundbath + Reiki Treatment for Two

Soundbath + Reiki Treatment for Two

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Bring your loved one or close friend to experience a nourishing combined Soundbath and Reiki Treatment. You will be able to relax side by side on our cozy tatami mat inside the crystal sound cave.  

This sacred session will give you a framework to assist your body in self-healing. The integration of Sound Healing & Reiki will help you de-stress and bring your body & mind into a state of homeostasis.

The ancient vibrational medicine of Sound Healing utilizes tuning forks, alchemy bowls, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, rattles and other instruments to take you into a meditative state. This therapy calms nerves, stimulates the lymphatic system, & dissolves trauma. 80% of all illnesses are caused from stress & suppressed emotions. The sound healing waves penetrate on a cellular level and bring harmony & balance to your body/spirit as well as resetting cellular patterns. 

Reiki is often translated as “universal life-force energy”. This energy flows into the practitioner, through their heart, and out their hands. By placing their hands above the client’s body, they are reconnected to this flow and its healing energy. This is a deeply relaxing and peace-giving experience that can soothe your nervous system, quiet the mind, open the heart and lighten the spirit. It can leave you as a cleaner conduit in which to experience the world, and a clearer channel for all that you want to bring into it.
After your session you are welcome to use the secluded garden spa oasis to continue your self care. There is an outdoor tub with flowers, salts and scrubs, an infrared sauna with oils and gua sha tools, and an herbal stream room with mugwort.  We will provide herbal tea and water for you to enjoy while the hummingbirds and circling red-tailed hawks fly in the sky above you.
60 minute treatment 
60 minutes of Garden spa time 
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