Tincture Trio

Tincture Trio

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Three products everyone should have in their homes, Poppy and Someday Tinctures are the gateway to herbal healing.

Peaceful Easy Feeling -  With herbs like fresh Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Chamomile and Lavender providing a calming affect on your nervous system. It can also aid in digestion upset and insomnia.

Ginger Tincture - It has the ability to warm up the body and increase circulation as well as being a strong anti inflammatory spice.  Amazing for digestion health and clearing ama or toxins.  Helpful for nausea, sea sickness and lung congestion.  Try some Ginger tincture to warm your body and help fight off diseases. 

Vitality Tincture -  Vitality tincture helps to smooth out high & lows, conserve energy, enhancing entry of glucose into cells.  Which in turn helps your body stay balanced, restored and vital. 

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