Spa Package (All Services)
Spa Package (All Services)
Spa Package (All Services)
Spa Package (All Services)
Spa Package (All Services)
Spa Package (All Services)

Spa Package (All Services)

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Ayurvedic Lymphatic Massage 

This lymphatic-based massage technique is designed to drain excess heat, cold or toxins from the body, strengthen immunity and support everyone’s journey towards balance. Through the use of hot rocks, steam, herbal-infused oils, cupping, gua sha, tuning forks and crystal bowls, cranial sacral, reiki and aromatherapy, each treatment is customized to a client’s individual needs. 2 hours

Navar Kizzi.  A bolus of Ayurvedic dried herbs and a special medicinal rice is used
 to massage the body.  The warm bolus and massage with the bolus
 carry the herbs and properties of the rice deep into the body, allowing deep seated toxins to be dislodged from muscle, bone and nervous system at the same time nourishing these tissues.


Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment known for its euphoric affects on the mind and entire nervous system. After preparing the head with a warm herbal infused oil, a stream of warm oil is poured continuously over the forehead. ”Shiro” means head and “dhara” means flow, the result is a peaceful, relaxed and present mind. 1 hour

Benefits include a relief on tension, worry, fear and headache. Can relieve depression and regulate mood.

Enjoy the Outside Spa Garden   

After this three hour treatment you can relax and soak in the garden tub filled with cleansing salts and flowers.  And then continue your detox in the outside infrared sauna or relax in the hammock.

3  hours

Each client is gifted a Poppy and Someday product and Gua sha to continue your own self care practice.  

Please contact for any questions and to schedule your session.





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