Ayurvedic Spa Add Ons
Ayurvedic Spa Add Ons
Ayurvedic Spa Add Ons

Ayurvedic Spa Add Ons

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Combine these treatments with another service 

Mini Gua Sha Facial - Cleanse and nourish the face with customized mask removed with warm steam towels. Therapist will massage, lift and contour through massaging marma points and gua sha. This facial increases lymphatic drainage while making the skin glow. Tone and hydrate with these wildcrafted products

Dosha Balancing Salt Scrub - Salt has been used for purification and detoxifying. Renew with invigorating herb infused oil and salt scrub. Great for circulation and softening the skin. Shed and remove what is no longer needed

Canyon Clay & Manjistha Mud Wrap - Manjistha root is a natural detoxifier, blood cleanser, and supports healthy skin. Great for cooling pitta and stimulating kapha. Clay applied as a mask head to toe, assisted by the infrared sauna to further draw out and detoxify. 

Kati Basti - In this traditional Ayurvedic oil method, a dough dam basti is used to offer relief from lower back pain, sciatic pain, hip and lumbar discomfort. Warmed medicinal oil fills the dam, penetrating the lower back, bringing comfort and ease. Left on the body, warmed for a set amount of time.

Extra Spa Time - Purchase this add on if you would like extended access to our infrared sauna, garden tub, and steam room.


All add on treatments 30 mins 

PRICE: $75 each


Please contact info@poppyandsomeday.com for any questions and to schedule your session.
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