Aphrodisiac Love Cordial

Aphrodisiac Love Cordial

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Indulge in this intoxicating Aphrodisiac Cordial with stimulating and warming spices of Cardamom and Cinnamon. This love potion is filled with aphrodisiac herbs like Passionflower, Shatavari, Damiana, Hawthorn, Linden and Elderberries to help increase passion in your life.  Try a tablespoon or more to increase vitality and energy.  

Ingredients:  Shatavari, Damiana, Hawthorn, Linden, Elderberrry, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Passionflower Tincture (alcohol), Honey.  100ml Amber Flask.  Organic/ Handmade.

Damiana has long been claimed to have a stimulating effect on libido, and its use as an aphrodisiac has continued into modern times.  It increases energy around the reproductive system.  Being a perfect herb for this love potion.   

Passionflower has many healthful benefits; it is known to relieve depression, decrease pain and even kill germs. This woody vine is thought to enhance the libido, even while producing a calming effect. A improved sexual function after ingesting leaf extract from passionflower. The flowers themselves have traditionally been regarded as seductive, and are noted for their exotic beauty.

Shatavari is an Ayurvedic herb that translates “she who has 100 husbands.” This lovley herb support the vital energy, nourish the reproductive organs, and that over time will help to encourage libido.