Acacia Gua Sha Cresent Moon
Acacia Gua Sha Cresent Moon

Acacia Gua Sha Cresent Moon

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Handcrafted wooden Gua shas made out of Acacia tree by These sacred Gua shas are perfect to move your lymphatic system in your body.  It’s shape allows you to work your upper legs and arms.  Massage with oils and the move the Gua Sha in a back and forth rhythm to break up stagnation.  Then do three strokes towards your heart.  The Acacia tree is sacred and has been known as the tree of life.  The Acacia Tree has long been associated with the mysteries of old. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the very first Gods were born beneath its sheltering branches in Heliopolis. The hind part of the celestial boat of Ra was made of Acacia wood and it was sacred to the Goddess Isis. All parts of the tree were used for medicinal and ritual practices.  This will be your sacred tool to release what no longer serves you.  

4 inches long 2 inches width.  

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