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VISTA FRIENDS - Do you know the white witch of Laurel Canyon? Meet Kari Jansen, magic LA woman and founder of 'Poppy and Someday'

It was on a bushwalk in Big Sur, California where I was able to witness Kari's passion first hand. We walked a trail high in the mountains above the ocean. She would stop, smell and snip flowers, branches as we wandered tucking them into her calico bag. Crushing leaves and bringing them to her nose, explaining to me the unique and exotic names, origins and uses of certain plants and flowers. I adored her humble devotion to nature and how it has in turn inspired her beautiful line of products.

'Poppy and Someday' is such a sweet name, where did the name evolve from?

I wanted the name to evoke a playful and happy energy.  In addition to its fun bright orange color, The California Poppy is California's state flower and inherently connects my business to where I live, create and explore.

 The process you endure to create your products is beautiful. Hunting and gathering certain herbs and flowers, and patiently pressing and extracting oils. Tell us more about your process and why you do what you do...

Each product is made by hand with love and good intention.  This is an important characteristic of Poppy and Someday and something that differentiates my products from most others available.  My favorite part of the process is gathering and harvesting and the creativity in combining plants to make products.  I love being in nature, which is why harvesting and gardening are such an important part of my process.  I sit with the herbs and their smells and energy for a long time to see what blends well together.   The other part of my product creation process revolves around each product’s medicinal properties.  For this part I rely on my Ayurveda and Herbalist education.  

We spotted a beautiful copper piece of equipment which reminded me of a moroccan light!

Yes, this is my shirohdara system which includes a copper stand and bowl.  This is a party of my Ayurvedic client treatments.  It involves a steady stream of warm oil that gently pours from the copper bowl onto the person’s third eye.  This treatment lasts about 30 minutes.  It is so relaxing and rejuvenates the entire body as it takes you into a very peaceful meditative state.

You speak of your affinity with being with nature and in your garden. Tell us how the desire to work with plants and offer healing all began?

This part is very natural for me.  I’ve surrounded myself with nature, gardens and plants my entire life.  And I love working with my hands.  Whether its bodywork, pottery or gardening, the nature of this work comes very easy to me.  My garden is a daily source of inspiration for me.  

India was also a huge inspiration, what was it that called you there and guided your path? how did you translate this into your work back in California?

As a body worker and healer I’ve always been drawn to yoga.  Through yoga I began studying India's culture, which eventually led me to Ayurveda.  I began studying a cleansing treatment called Panchakarma.  I spent time in Kerala, India learning this practice in the traditional way.  I’ve since adapted the traditional approach to incorporate other more localized elements, such as native herbs and foods. 

You recently travelled to Chicago to see you favourite band the Grateful Dead, which other exciting things do you get into out of LA?

I love traveling and experiencing different people and geographies.  It keeps my spirit young.  Last week I went to Big Sur, which is one of the world’s most breathtaking places.  To sit in the hot springs of Esalen and listen to the waves under the cliffs is mesmerizing.  And then you add whales watching, majestic trees and sunshine… Big Sur is truly magical.  For my next trip, I’m going up to West Sonoma County.  We’ll spend some time in Sea Ranch, Sebastopol, Occidental and all the other amazing towns there.  It will be a fun few days of amazing food, wine and friends.  

You also offer very exclusive treatments which are sumptuous, feminine and healing all in one...(tell us more about the ghee and the golden eyes!)

A big part of my Ayurvedic lymph-style massage is  called the Netra Basti.  This involves placing a dough ring around each eye which acts as a container to hold the ghee on the eyes.  Once the dough is in place, I gently pour the warm ghee into the reservoir after which the person opens their eyes allowing them to look up through the golden light.  This treatment is deeply relaxing to the cranial nerves residing behind our eyes.  It also cleanses any debris from the eyes.  Its very healing for any eye condition and also is a great catalyst for relaxation. 

Finally, where can we find your magic products?

Right here online at
and select retails stores.

Images by Magdalena Wosinska