Post No. 1 - It's the time of the season

Thank you for checking out the blog, and welcome to our first entry! It's summer time so last week I decided to go on a road trip with my friend Stefani, founder and creator of La Tierra Sagrada Hair. We started in Los Angeles and made our way up to Northern California.  Our first stop was the Yuba River. When we got out of are car the fresh smell of rain and cool breeze made me feel alive. As we hiking in to our camping spot along the crystal clear river, I saw Mugwort, Yerba Santa and many other of my favorite plants. After setting up our tent, I noticed that there was St. John’s Wort blooming all around us. These beautiful bright yellow flowers are one of my favorites and they only bloom in July. This is the time to harvest and make beautiful medicine. If you squeeze a flower, it will stain your finger red. St. John’s Wort helps to lift ones spirits and thats is why it is the best herb for when you're feeling down and out.  Stefani and I made tinctures and infused oils down by the river, which are now a beautiful vibrate color of red.  Then we made our way through the beautiful countryside of Napa, stopping to do some wine tasting along the way.  We soon ended up in one of my favorite towns called Occidental. There we stayed in a sweet cabin on my friends radiating and abundant farm. We harvested seeds of Yarrow, Calendula, and White Sage. I am excited to bring this energy back to my garden in Laurel Canyon. This trip refreshed and opened my spirit as well as supplied us with healing medicine.